Expert Suggestions
All pediatricians agree that using suitable footwear at an early age is essential to healthy development of the feet since at an early stage children's feet are soft and flexible and there is the highest risk of deformities caused by unsuitable footwear or shoes that are the wrong size.

At BUCKLE UP our products offer to foster natural growth of the feet as we are aware of the importance of the health of children's feet. Our products offer to foster natural growth of the foot.
As the child is growing with advancing age, the size of his feet also grows. This is a natural process through teenage that the feet grow in length and thickness. To accommodate the changes it is imperative that the footwear is flexible. The kind of footwear will depend on the actual growth stage in order to foster a natural growth of the foot.

It is important that the shoes provide a uniform weight distribution of the body over the floor, giving room for toes to be fully extended and parallel to each other.
Also it is important that the footwear offer protection and safety for the youngster's avoiding swelling or discomfort.

Bear in mind that the shoes should be of a size that provides adequate comfort. If the shoes are too big it doesn't provide the foot with sufficient support, which if it is too small it hampers growth.
Make sure that the shoe is comfortable lengthwise in width and around the foot while the child is standing up there should be enough room between the big toe and the top of the shoe (6 mm, ½ inch approximately).

As a general rule from it's first to its fourth year a child's foot grows two sizes per year between five and ten years, the average rate of growth is one shoe size per year.
It is advisable to make control measurements at least every 3 months to make sure the footwear normally used is not too small. Our experience suggests that more than 70% of children use inappropriate shoe sizes causing feet trouble for their health.